Chunny's Website

Chunyang Ding

Hi, I'm Chunny! Welcome to my slowly improving website. I hope you stick around!

I'm a physicist, a lifelong learner, and have far too many irons in the fire all at once.

If you are more interested in finding my LinkedIn, a traditional about page, or a regular CV, those are available as well. I'm finally doing actual research, so here is a Google scholar profile and ORCiD as well. In the meantime, do also check out my Failure CV to keep my ego sufficiently deflated.

I enjoy blogging and wrote some very terrible poetry once upon a time, but focus more of my energy writing about quantum computing these days. I am an avid reader, and you can find recent ruminations of some good reads here.

I have spent much of my life spewing words all over the internet, and a selection of some of my favorite pieces can be found here. I also edit Wikipedia, play chess, commit on Github, and read Reddit, although I check those much less frequently.

Feel free to poke around, and drop me a line!

Link to cQED@20 Supplemental page

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