Chunyang Ding - Past Work

Past Works

Here is a list of some of the stuff I have written or worked on in the past.

Physics World:
A Brighter Way to Diagnose Quantum States

Where I'm Really From:
What's In a Name?

Physics Today:
Don't Fear the Gap Year

The Yale Scientific Magazine:
Can't Sleep? Neither do Flies
From the Editor: Innovating for the Future
From the Editor: Truth in Science
Peering into the Earth's Violent Past
High School Profile: Emelia McLaughlin
High School Profile: Sasha Thomas
A World of Wonder
Transferring New Energy to an Old Rule
China Launches World's First Quantum Telecommunication Satellite
Scaling Quantum Computers to New Heights
A New State of Mind
Yale Professor Wins Keck Grant

Society of Physics Students:
Making Waves at PhysCon
Communicating Science

National Public Radio:
FOJBI Friday: Meet Chunyang Ding, Science Writer for the Stars

The Scope:
Odd Asteroids lead Caltech Scientists to a New Planet
New Science in the Age of Twitter
Learning from our Statistical Mistakes
Sensationalizing the Sensational
Launching the Yale Quantum Institute
Lost in Lecture
Scientific Diplomacy: A Path to Peace

Summer Science Program/Yale Summer Program in Astrophysics
YSPA 2017 Blog: Balloon Applications
SSP 2014 Blog: Frands

Cosmic Ray Workshop

Banana Suits and Lab Coats

ORNL: The Lab that Made a City